Travel Radio

INRIX media is the only company in the UK to have data on all categories of roads, across all countries along with information on trains, light rail, tubes, ferries and flights. This information is used to create a unique online radio station, Travel Radio.

The service is designed as a "dip in and out" station so that listeners can pick up the information that they need quickly. The content is regularly updated between 6am and 10pm on weekdays and 8am and 8pm at the weekends.

You can access the radio station via:

  Listen to live travel news on Travel Radio here 

To get in touch with Travel Radio for feedback on the service or for more information
call: 020 7012 3500

  • Option 0 - All public transport

  • Option 1 - London, South East, Anglia, South Coast & Thames Valley

  • Option 2 - West Country and South West

  • Option 3 - Wales

  • Option 4 - East and West Midlands

  • Option 5 - Yorkshire, North East, North West and Northern Ireland

  • Option 6 - Scotland